Nizeva Staffords

CH Nizeva Va Nessa



Nessa has had an amazing time being shown.  

She has consistently been placed at all levels.  

So far she has 3 CC's and 2 reserve CC's and gained her title at two years old.  

She has been a real handful to show, full of zest and life both in and out of the ring, it has been a wonderful journey.  

We are really looking forward to showing her in 2017.

  • BCC - under Judge Jackie Smart
  • BCC - under Judge Elaine Norton
  • BCC - under Judge Tony Moore - gaining her Champion status.
  • RCC - under Judge Patrick Mc Glynn
  • RCC - under Judge Brian Aubrey
gallery/nessa cc pic for annual

Patrick Mc Glynn (Judge) - Blackpool CH show

Junior - Bitch Entries: 11 Absentees:2


A stunning young black brindle who reminded me so much of Ch Aboriginal Warrior Queen, the best bitch I ever judged. This one, if she gets her act together, deserves to have a similarly stellar show career but here’s the thing – she apparently does agility and boy does it show. She was a firecracker ready to explode (in the nicest possible way). Ignoring all that, I thought her handler did a great job getting her stance correct at the right times. She has such an expressive head, truly beautiful, and strong sturdy body which looked good in profile and when viewed from above. In between her “loony” moments she did enough to convince me she’s a lovely mover with a correct topline. Her animation shouldn’t count against her - she’s the real deal. I awarded her the RCC but she was a whisker away from the top spot just losing out to another excellent (but fully mature) bitch .

She should get her title easily. I hope I’m there when she does.

Brian Aubrey (Judge) - SWKA

1st Junior Bitch Nizeva Va Nessa
this Bitch is a live wire she did not stop giving her handler a hard time but what a stunning Bitch, a head to die for dark eyes, great bite and big teeth, not a big bitch but got what it takes to get to the top house she will do well no hesitation in giving her the RCC I see she is by a true Champion who I first seen when he was a couple of days old and his becoming a top Sire in the breed and seems to be doing the breed some good in what he his producing but it also takes a good bitch to. 

Elaine Norton (Judge) National Terrier

Yearling Bitch (15 Entries) Abs: 3

1st Nizeva Va Nessa 
Well - what can I say - I'm pretty sure everyone who knows how I see a Stafford bitch would also know I would love this black brindle girl and my notes simply say - loved her. She lit up the ring for me with that keen face so full of life and naughtiness. She has large, round dark eyes and the neatest of rose ears that were on the go all the time. Her front is spot on with enough bone and width and showing no weakness at her pasterns. She has a lovely crest of neck leading to well laid shoulders. Her rib when you look down on her body balances out so well and all is finished off by a strong backend with broad hams. She was as hard as nails and strode out showing free active movement when she settled to the job in hand. Thank you for bringing her and wish she was mine. I was pleased to award her the CC and she was also best opposite sex. 

Jackie Smart (Judge) NESTBC
1st Junior Bitch (19,4) NIZEVA VA NESSA.

What a stunning bl/ br who screams quality. This bitch commanded my attention from the moment she entered the ring and she got it. Cleanest of heads with the most exquisite expression which just captivates you. She has a well defined stop and the correct skull to muzzle ratio. Also has good depth and width to under jaw giving me the strength of muzzle I was looking for. She has the most piercing dark eyes, round and set to look straight ahead. Strong neck leading to well placed shoulders. She has correct depth to brisket, straight limbs and neat feet on strong pasterns. This bitch just sets herself and has the most appealing outline when viewed in profile. A bitch in first class order. Bit of a live wire on the move and makes her handler work but I saw enough to know she moves soundly. My star of the day and I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC & RBIS on agreement with my co-judge.

A Champion in the making without a doubt. Well done and good luck with her.

CH Eclypstaff Cuz I can ex Nizeva Diaz AW

Tony Moore (Judge) Scottish SBTC

Limit Bitch 
1st Nizeva Va Nessa. 
This girl epitomises everything I look for in a Stafforshire Bull Terrier, type, balance height to weight ratio, alert, healthy, fit and conditioned right with that extra bit of sparkle, spirit and wickedness. This girl is b/b of immense quality, she balances out so well when viewed from any angle, super clean head shape with good depth of scull and breadth of muzzle, she has big black nostrils, tight clean lips, lovely amount of underjaw with correct bite with large tight fitting canines, dark round eyes that look straight ahead, neat well placed ears and such a superb alert expression of wickedness that follows you around, shoulders well laid back and a strong straight front that is so true, she free stands well up on her pasterns with tight well padded feet with short black nails, excellent spring of rib with brisket level with elbows. She has a fantastic strong body core with a lovely outline, she's well tucked up at the loin with the correct amount of rear angulation with plenty of muscle to 1st and 2nd thighs, this girls fitness and condition is fantastic, she is as hard as nails. When moving she is such a handful but once she settles into her stride I could see her movement is very positive and assertive. It was my pleasure to award this top quality bitch her 3rd CC and title., well done. I wish you all the very best for the future. BIS.

Best In Show (Ref) Jayne Winrow.

Craig Dillon (Judge) Western SBTS.

Limit Bitch

2nd Nizeva Va Nessa

Another stunning b/brindle who I liked as soon as she entered the ring . Virtue from head to toe ( and this would include her live wire temperament ). Strong head , clean as a whistle throughout. Expressive in both looks and body language . Terrific front of good width and of correct angulation exhibiting a degree of `lift` that adds to her athletic attraction. Perfect topline with slight rise at loin and complimenting `tuck` at abdomen . Lovely bodied from shoulder through rib and showing correct rear angulation and muscle where her footing provided a solid base when standing and discernible drive from the rear when moving. A really lovely bitch , thank you for the privilege.